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Differences between friendship and family in teenager’s life.



Today in the modern society, people having a lot of problems and especially problems related with teenagers. Mostly all of teenagers has problem with their inadequate and sometimes uncontrolled angry acts due to physical and mental changes in this period of time. In this essay we will attend our looks on three main factors influenced in this situation: roles of friendship and family and their effect on teenager’s studying, behavior and personality.


Firstly, let’s start from family. Family took nearly most important part in creating and changing teen’s individualism. A lot of paretns want only success for their child and because of that reason fathers and mothers try to help from early ears in career choice for possible future for their kids. However the main miss understanding started from this part: parents attending too much focus on education and finding job, this thing makes problems as limited range of creativity or boring due to routine in life. In this hard time is easier for teenagers to share face to face their problems with friend about their learning skill or maybe negative thinking of studying in school.

Unacceptable is almost biggest problem maybe in all of family today. Main reasons start from relationship between teenager and family up to domestic violence inside home. Teens problems with too early alcoholism or drugs are not something new now. Modern problem is fix effect without finding causes. Psychologists say it it based on try to escape some problem. Teenagers can’t find solution for their problem and they see only the one way — that is destroy the pain in mind by psychotropic substances.
Parents know
more about all of “mines” that their sons and daughter must cross in their life, but he history knows satuations how parents building gates between their child and friendship. Parents must know, friends are also important half of our life. Parents must be for their kids not only as parents, but also as friend. They need to destroy all walls of stereotypes and accept modern rules. It is hard, but not impossible.




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